Get Social! Marketing Boot Camp


We hosted our first (of hopefully many) Get Social! Marketing Boot Camp at Oconee Fall Line Technical College's Sandersville Campus. The all-day workshop attracted participants from a variety of backgrounds -- with all wanting to learn how to leverage social media to improve their reach. Attendees gained insight through four sessions: Social Media Fundamentals; Digital Marketing Best Practices; Strategy & Measurement; and Content Planning. Because of the small, intimate setting, students were able to chime in with their personal experiences and ask questions they've always wondered about social media. For example, "why does Facebook keep asking me to boost my posts?" An impromptu bonus mini-training on Facebook boosted/promoted posts followed! 

As social media continues to grow as the go-to source of information, business owners, church leaders, organizational managers and every day individuals must learn how to harness its power. Don't get left behind -- get social!